Programmes Conducted

A 3-day workshop" Shodhana" was conducted from 8th-10th March 2018 for the first year students.

The 3-day hands-on face-to-face workshop was conducted by Dr. Neeraj Buch, Professor in Department of Civil Engineering and IUCEE Member, Michigan State University at CMRCET.

MSME Officials Visit to CMRCET:

MSME Officials Visited our campus to view Project Expo of our Students executed under EPICS and to start the Host Institute/Business Incubator under the scheme namely, “Support for Entrepreneurial and Managerial Development of SMEs through Incubators” for the academic year 2018-19 on 3rd August 2018.

Community Visits by First Year Engineering Students:

First year students of 6 sections have visited several villages like Ravalkole, Pudur, and Railapur, to identify the community problems and analyzed the possible solutions with poster presentations in the September 2018.

National Institute of Remote Development and Panchayat raj NIRD Visits by First Year Students :

First year students of 8 sections have visited NIRD (National Institute of Remote Development and panchayat raj) in the month of September and October 2018.

 NGOs /Community partners Meet at CMRCET:

NGOs meet was conducted on 22nd September 2018.Total 16 NGOs from all over Hyderabad took part in this meet. All the NGOs shared the objectives of their firm and expressed their interest in collaborating and wished to extend their cooperation with CMR for improving engineering education and practicing service based learning.

All the faculty of CEER interacted with community partners and received awareness on the objectives and role of NGOs for developing the society and improving the communities.

 SCALE Regional Workshop at CMRCET:

A 3- day Regional Workshop SCALE student consortium for advancement and learning in engineering education (SCALE) was conducted by CMRCET from 27th-29th September, 2018.


 The most prestigious event "Display Of Grass Root Innovations" in coordination with a NGO Pallesrujana was organized by EPICS-CEER on October 3rd 2018 at CMR College of Engineering & Technology.

 This expo created awareness to the students about the great innovations of farmers and the role of innovations to build the better society. Innovators from all the rural areas of India presented their innovations and the expo was visited by all the first year students of CMR Group of Institutions.

 Brigadier P Ganesham Founder president "Pallesrujana" enlightened our students with the several rural innovations.

Organized “Design the Thinking Workshop” at CMRCET:

25 faculty members who have attended were the resource persons and conducted the Design the Thinking Workshop” for all the CMRCET faculty members from November 2018 and two batches with each batch including 30 faculties have attended the workshop.


A project expo was conducted for all the first year students on 21st and 22nd Dec 2018. All the first year students presented their course projects of Engineering Exploration in the project expo “Prakalp Prasdharshin-I”.

The first year students worked in teams on the various need statements of different communities. Total       projects were presented in the expo.  

 This exhibition depicts the learning and presenting skills of the first year students and forms a platform for knowledge sharing, problem solving, team coordination, multidisciplinary approach and project based learning.

 Prakalp Pradharshin –I:Poster Presentations:

 As a part of the course work introduction to social innovation the first year students presented their Posters on the Community related Problems. The first year students visited the nearby villages and identified the problems faced by the different communities of the villages. Students suggested the feasible solutions through their poster presentations.

 These presentations had a lot of impact on students learning and created awareness on social problems.

 Organized “Design the Thinking Workshop” at CMRCET:

25 faculty members who have attended were the resource persons and conducted the” Design the Thinking Workshop” for  90 faculty members(3 batches) in the month of December 2018.

 Hosted 4-Day SCALE Annual Student Conference (ASC) at CMRCET

  CMR College of Engineering and Technology (CMRCET), Hyderabad, hosted a three-day Annual Student Conference organized by Student Consortium for Advancement and Learning in Engineering Education (SCALE) in collaboration with Indo Universal Collaboration for Engineering Education (IUCEE).

 The Annual Student Conference (ASC) is an open event for all engineering Undergraduates in India on the scope of Engineering Education. The undergraduate engineering students all over the India worked on various issues/ problems and provided them with an engineering solution, which can be implemented in the society.

 The inaugural event held at CMR central auditorium Professor Krishna Vedula, executive director, IUCEE, addressed that the conference would provide a platform for the students from across the country to apply their engineering knowledge and come up with innovative solutions for the betterment of the community.

 IEEE –IUCEE –EPICS Mentor visit:

Professor William Oakes from Purdue University, USA visited CMRCET to mentor the  IEEE-EPICS projects on 2nd February.

10 multidisciplinary IEEE-EPICS projects were mentored by the professor William Oakes and students received necessary suggestions for the designed community based prototypes.

IEEE-EPICS Phase 2 Evaluations:

Phase 2 evaluation of IEEE-EPICS Phase 2 Evaluation was conducted conducted on 24th.  February 2019.