National Cyber Safety and Security Standards have been started with a great vision to safeguard the Nation from the current threats in the Cyberspace. National Cyber Safety and Security Standards have done an extensive research in the Cyber domain to understand the nature of cyber threats and Cyber Crimes. We have understood that the multi – faceted cyber technology cannot be handled by common standards and security policies. We came to know that, it needs different strategies for different sectors of Cyber domain.

The mission of the National Cyber Safety and Security Standards is to establish a multi-stakeholder consortium that brings together Industry, Government, and Academic interests in an effort to improve the state of Cyber Security both at domestic and international level.

National Cyber Defence Research Centre multi-disciplinary team employs the best and brightest to thwart Cyber Attacks. NCDRC is focused on building science and engineering foundations for Cyber Security. Research and development is focused on making today's systems more secure while planning for tomorrow's technology.

In addition NCDRC has embarked on setting up 60 Cyber Security Research Centre’s across India, with the objective of conducting research, training and hands on lab environment for universities, industry and professionals. In brief, NCDRC is setting up research centers across the country in collaboration with various colleges and universities.