Power Backup

CMR CET is having their power back up (generators) units rated 180 KVA, 125 KVA and 63 KVA for enough back up energy around 10 hours for entire load. The generators turned on and all the protected electric loads seamlessly transferred to the back up power system.

Power outages can spell hindrance for an unprepared service facility. CMRCET works to ensure that we have access to back up power to continue serving under any condition.

Medical Facilities

A medical room is available in the campus during working hours with all requisite facilities and emergency medicine. Dr Anand Kumar David,(ph: 8008557623) is the full medical officer assisted by a trained nurse. Ambulance facility is also available at the medical centre. The college also has a tie-up with Malla Reddy Hospitals for availing their facilities at concessional rates.

Water Facilities

Water is not just an ordinary need to the human beings. It plays a major role in all of ours life. College gives most care towards the provision of safe water to each and every individual. A Reverse Osmosis Process-based mineral water plant is established in college, which can supply 600 Ltrs / Hr pure and safe drinking water. In addition to this water coolers are also provided to the students. Also, we maintain an exclusive team of Administration staff to look after the water plant regularly, through which the College is assuring the safe water to all our students and staff.


CMRCET has well stocked stationary point where materials like drawing sheets, drafters, aprons, lab records, writing materials etc., with photocopying facility are available.