Student Activities

Entrepreneurship Development Cell

AGRATA – The Entrepreneurship Cell is a manifestation of the efforts, ideas, dreams and aspirations of every individual associated with it. It is established to develop and nourish the latent entrepreneurial spirit which is inherent in every learner and help them gain a broader and more importantly, entrepreneurial perspective of looking at life in every situation thus empowering them to excel as entrepreneurs.

Anyone with a genuine grievance may approach the department members in person, or in consultation with the officer in-charge, Students' Grievance Redressal Cell (SRADDHA). In case the person is unwilling to appear in self, Grievances may also be posted in suggestion box of Students' Grievance Redressal Cell.

Mathematics Club-CHAMP

CHAMP – Mathematics is a unique subject that is used in day to day activities and continues to remain an integral part of our lives. The Mathematics club is created to sensitize students about this subject and the latest developments taking place in the field of Modern Mathematics. It tries to inculcate deep interest in the students and makes them have a systematic approach towards this subject. The club aims to develop mechanical skills and applications of the subject in their domains. After all every child should enjoy the subject rather than doing it forcefully. This is what the club tries to achieve and make Mathematics fun for everyone.

English Club-CREST

We have CREST as the literary club of our college. It is formed with the objective to enrich and develop the soft skills and literary skills in writing, reading & thinking amongst the students through various literary activities. It aims at providing a platform to the students where they can unleash their creativity keeping aside those hefty books once a while and unwinding through beneficial and fun filled activities. It brings forward from amongst the students amateur writers, keen debaters and all those who find pleasure and bliss in words and thereby helps to initiate a multidimensional thinking process.