In addition to central Library, every department of the college maintains their own departmental library with adequate collection of text and reference books and journals to cater more students. Each student shall be issued additional book at the department library in addition to the central facility. Both National and International journals are made available in the department library for the convenience of faculty and students. The following is the description of number of books available in the respective departments.

Branch of Engineering No .Of Books Transferred To Dept. Library Name of the In-Charge Contact Number
C S E 612 N. Deepthi 97032 66924
E C E 292 Y. Aruna Suhasini 98855 78151
E E E 381 C.H. Sankar Rao 88977 24296
MECHANICAL 230 P. Sridhar 99597 73665
CIVIL 169 S. Peddaiah 97050 33743
M B A 459 P. Samyuktha 73962 52416

College librarian help students, faculty and staff with locating and recommending source materials as well as determining what type of materials they need.