National Journals

Sl. No. Name of the Journals Frequency
1 The IUP Journal of Computer Sciences Quarterly
2 Claro Computer Networks Quarterly
3 DESIDOC Journal of Library & Information Technology Bi – Monthly
4 Inventi Impact: Software Engineering Quarterly
5 BVICAMS: International Journal of Information Technology Quarterly
6 Claro Software Engineering Quarterly
7 Current Trends in Information Technology Triannual
8 Express Computer Monthly
9 International Journal of Advanced Networking and Applications Bi – Monthly
10 Karpagam Journal of Computer Science Quarterly
11 Journal  of Computer Technology & Applications Triannual
12 Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research & Advances Triannual
13 Recent Trends in Parallel Computing Triannual
14 Journal of Open Source Developments Triannual
15 The IUP Journal of Computer Science Quarterly
16 Journal of Multimedia Technology & Recent Advancements Triannual
17 Journal on Computer Science Quarterly
18 Journal on Software Engineering Quarterly
19 PC Quest Monthly
20 Journal of Mobile Computing, Communications & Mobile Networks Triannual
21 The IUP Journal of Information Technology Quarterly
22 Journal on Future Engineering & Technology Quarterly
23 Journal of Operating Systems Development & Trends Triannual
24 Journal of Image Processing & Pattern Recognition Progress Triannual

Foreign Journals

01 IT Professional Quarterly
02 IEEE Transactions on Computers Quarterly
03 IEEE Intelligent Systems Quarterly
04 Computing in Science & Engineering Quarterly
05 IEEE Cloud Computing Quarterly


1 Open Source for You Monthly
2 Frontline Bi – Weekly