National Journals

S. No. Name of the Journals Frequency
1 Journal on Electronics Engineering Quarterly
2 Journal on Communication Engineering & Systems Quarterly
3 Claro: Robotics Quarterly
4 Journal on Wireless Communication & Networks    Quarterly
5 Inventi Impact:Electronic Components Quarterly
6 Claro: Signal Processing Quarterly
7 Journal on Circuits & Systems Quarterly
8 Inventi Impact:Embedded Systems Quarterly
9 Claro: Communications & Networking Quarterly
10 Journal of Control & Instrumentation Triannual
11 Recent Trends in Electronics & Communication Systems Triannual
12 Journal of Microwae Engineering & Technologies Triannual
13 The IUP Journal of Telecommunications Quarterly
14 Journal of Power Electronics & Power Systems Triannual
15 Journal of Telecommunication, Switching Systems and Networks Triannual
16 Claro: Wireless Communication and Networking Quarterly
17 Journal of Electronic Design Technology Triannual
18 Telenet Monthly
19 Journal of VLSI Design Tools & Technology Triannual
20 Journal of Miicroelectronics and Solid State Devices Triannual
21 Journal of Microcontroller Engineering and Applications Triannual
22 Claro VLSI Quarterly
23 Claro Signal Transduction Quarterly
24 Trends in Opto-electro & Optical Communication Triannual

Foreign Journals

01 IEEE Electron Device Quarterly
02 IEEE Embedded Systems Quarterly
03 IEEE Journal of the Electron Devices Society Quarterly
04 IEEE Microwave Quarterly
05 IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications Quarterly


Sl. No. Name of the Magazine Frequency
1 Electronics for You Monthly