National Journals

Sl. No Name of the Journals Frequency
1 Inventi Impact: Electrical Engineering Quarterly
2 IEEMA Journal Monthly
3 India Power Journal Quarterly
4 Inventi Impact: Solar Quarterly
5 The IUP Journal of Electrical & Electronic Engineering Quarterly
6 Power Line Monthly
7 Inventi Impact: Wind & Waves Quarterly
8 Sadhana: Engineering Sciences Bi – Monthly
9 Inventi Impact: Energy & Power Quarterly
10 Claro: Solar Energy Quarterly
11 Yuva Engineers: International Journal and Magazine Monthly
12 Recent Trends in Sensor Research & Technology Triannual

Foreign Journals

01 IEEE Control Systems Quarterly
02 IEEE Power and Energy Quarterly
03 IEEE Magnetics Letters Quarterly
04 IEEE Electrification Quarterly
05 IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits Quarterly


Sl. No. Name of the Magazines Frequency  
1 Digit Monthly
2 Readers Digest Monthly