Dept of ECE

• Microwave Engineering & Radar Engineering.

• Signal processing ,Communications, Low power VLSI Design.

Dept of CSE

• Formal Languages and Automata Theory.

• Data Mining, Big data and Data Analytics.

• Biomedical Engineering, Artificial Intelligence and Neuroscience.

Dept of EEE

• Power Systems, and Power quality .

• Power Electronics and Intelligent Controllers.

• Power Electronics Applications in Power Systems.

• Dept of Mechanical Engineering

• Manufacturing Engineering

• Materials Development

• Design Engineering

Dept of Civil Engineering

• Geotechnical Engineering

• Earthquake Engineering

• Foundation Engineering

• Environmental Engineering

• Water Resources Management

• Hydrochemistry

Dept of H&S

• Optical absorption and luminescence properties of glasses doped with rare earth ions.

• Theoretical Investigation on Nano systems

• Colorimetry, Digital image processing and Computer vision

• Mathematical Modeling

• Heat & Mass transfer- Fluid Dynamics

• Queuing Theory

• Pharmaceutical analysis

• Spectrophotometric analysis of drugs

• Design and synthesis of novel moits as anti bacterial compounds