• Persons desirous of using the library shall scan their ID card during check-in and check-out.

• Strict and absolute silence shall be observed in the Library

Mobile Phones to be switched off inside the Library

• Student Bags, Handbags, Raincoat and Jerkin are strictly prohibited inside the library

• Users are requested to keep their belongings in the space provided for their belongings at the entrance of the Library

• Books will be issued to the members only on producing the Identity card. Identity Cards are not transferable.

• If any book is lost or damaged beyond repair, the person responsible shall replace it with a new copy or pay double of the cost of the recent price and handling charges or as may be decided by the librarian

• Any kind of marking, underlining, clipping of books is absolutely forbidden. Readers shall be held responsible for any damage done to the book belonging to the Library and shall be required to replace such book or pay the value thereof

• Under special circumstances, the Librarian may refuse the issue of books or recall the books already issued from any user without assigning any reason thereof.

• More than one renewal will not be allowed for books

• The borrower will be responsible for any loss or non-return of any books issued against his / her Reference books, Magazines, Journals are not for issue. They are for library reading only.

New arrivals list will be displayed on Library OPAC

• Eatables and Drinks are not allowed in the library.

• Sleeping is strictly prohibited in the library.

• The Library may accept donation of manuscripts, books, periodicals etc. from the donors. Such donations once accepted will become the absolute property of the College

• The books should be returned in on or before the due date. Else fine will be incurred for each day of delay. At present the overdue charge is one rupee per day

Note: The above rules are intended to regulate the use of library resources and will be reviewed


• Digital Library is to be used for academic purpose only.

• Online Chatting in the Cyber Library is not allowed.

• Browsing of dating, social networking sites is strictly prohibited. Strict disciplinary action will be taken against the defaulters.

• Changing the settings and display of the Computers kept in the Cyber Library is not permitted.

• Playing games on computers is strictly prohibited in the entire Library premises.

• Members Pen drives, CD/DVD ROMs, Cell Phones, are not used into the digital library

Book Lending Facility

The details of borrower categories and their entitlements

Borrowers Type No. of Books Loan Period
Faculty Members 10 1 Month
Faculty (Pursuing Ph.D) 10 1 Month
Non – Teaching Staff 06 1 Month
P.G. Students 06 1 Month
U.G. Students 06 1 Month