Events Organized by Department

S.No Name of The Event Date Resource Person/ Guest Speaker
1 International Conference on Advances
in Computing & Communication Technologies (ICACCT-2018)
21/12/18 to 22/12/18 Prof. Sheng-Lung Peng, National Dong HWA University, Hualien974, Taiwan
2 MSME Director Visit 3/8/18 K.C.Chowdary, D.Chandrasekhar, MSME-DI, Hyd
3 Parents Teacher Meet 9/9/18
4 2-day Workshop on Massive Open Online Courses(MOOCs) 6/10/18 to 7/10/18 Dr.Parteek Bhatia, Thapar University, Punjab
5 Orientation Program for ServiceNow Training 4/10/18 Mr.Prabhsaha, ServiceNow
6 IOT Workshop 1/10/18 to 2/10/18 Vorton Tech Solutions
7 Seminar on “Osteoporosis” 20/11/18 Medical students of Bhaskar Medical college, Representatives of MSAI
8 Workshop on Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning 14/7/18 to 16/7/18
9 Alumni Meet 22/12/18
10 AZURA-2K18 28/12/18 to 29/12/18 Dr. A.V.S.S Kumara Swami Gupta, JNTUH &
Sharath Babu Thirunagari, Oracle
11 Seminar on Collaborative Learning 4/8/18 N.Anusha, CMRCET
12 Seminar on Introduction to IoT 4/8/18 N.Deepthi, CMRCET


MOOCs Workshop

Parents Teacher Meet

Seminar on “Osteoporosis”

S.No Targeted Audience Topic Date and Time Organized by
01 IV B.Tech students ServiceNow Screening Test 27/7/18 CMRCET
02 IV B.Tech students Virtusa Training 1/8/18 to 8/8/18 CMRCET
03 B. Tech students TCS Codevita Coding Contest 3/8/18 to 4/8/18 CMRCET
05 IV B.Tech students Aptitude, soft skills, SQL, Core Java training 18/6/18 to 13/7/18 Zensar & CMRCET
06 III B.Tech students CRT Training 18/6/18 to 23/6/18 TalentIO
07 IV B.Tech students Capgemini Training 18/8/18 to 26/8/18 TalentIO & CMRCET
08 II B.Tech students Virtusa Training 10/9/18 to 16/9/18 CMRCET
09 III B.Tech students Virtusa Training 4/9/18 to 8/9/18 CMRCET
10 students Co-cubes Diagnostic Test 10/9/18 to 12/9/18 CMRCET
11 III B. Tech students Placement Training 17/9/18 to 22/9/18 TalentIO
12 IV B.Tech Students ServiceNow Training 15/9/18 to 17/9/18 CMRCET
13 I B.Tech students Technical Training on C 25/10/18 to 27/10/18 CMRCET
14 III B.Tech students CRT Phase-2 12/12/18 to 18/12/18 TalentIO
15 II B.Tech students Problem Solving Skills-2 12/12/18 to 15/12/18 CodeNow
16 Trained Students ServiceNow Mock test 18/12/18 ServiceNow
17 III B.Tech students Bootcamp 19/12/18 to 26/12/18 CCC
18 Selected Students(104) ServiceNow Training 14/2/19 to 21/2/19 CMRCET
19 III Selected Students Boot camp Training 14/2/19 to 25/2/19 CCC &CMRCET
20 III Selected Students Zensor ESDP Program 25/2/19 to 2/3/19 CMRTC

>ALUMNI Interaction with the Students

S.No Name of the Event Date Organized by/ Resource Person Targeted Audience
01 Alumni Guest Lecture on “Current Trends in IT Industry” 18/8/18 Viswa Sai, Tech Mahindra III B.Tech students
02 Alumni Guest Lecture on “Data Science” 18/8/18 M.Vinod, AIR World Wide II B.Tech Students
03 Alumni Guest Lecture on “Interview Process” 8/9/18 G.Sravika, Accenture III B.Tech students
05 Alumni Guest Lecture on “Cracking coding” 8/9/18 B.Prashanth, Kony Labs III B.Tech students
06 Alumni Guest Lecture on “How to Fulfill dreams” 15/9/18 P.Shivakumar, Genpact II B.Tech students
07 Alumni Guest Lecture on “Programming & Interview Preparation” 15/9/18 Sanjeev Kumar, Kony Labs III B.Tech students
08 Alumni Guest Lecture on “How to learn new Tools” 15/9/18 Nikil.K, Exusia III B.Tech students
09 Alumni Guest Lecture on “How to solve programming Problems” 15/9/18 G. Janardhan Reddy, Technovert II B.Tech students
10 Alumni Guest Lecture on “Cracking coding & interviews” 15/9/18 N.Rahul Reddy, Capgemini III B.Tech students
11 Alumni Guest Lecture on “How to mingle in company Environment” 15/9/18 P.Sharan Raj, Capgemini III B.Tech students
12 Alumni Guest Lecture on “How to develop Programming Skills” 24/9/18 Sruthi Sripathi, L&T Infotech II B.Tech students
13 Alumni Guest Lecture on “New Technology Trends in IT” 27/9/18 J.Krishna Mohan, TCS III B.Tech students
14 Alumni Guest Lecture on “Interview TIPS” 29/9/18 M.Nihal, T. Vinay, Technovert II, III B.Tech students
15 Alumni Guest Lecture on “How to be more Confident” 29/9/18 Anulitha Vardham, Kantar GDC II B.Tech students
16 Alumni Guest Lecture On How to Face Interview 19/01/19 Swiyamusuku III B.Tech students

Alumni Guest Lecture On How to Face Interview

Co-Curricular Activities Organised

S.No Name of the Event Date Organized by/ Resource Person Targeted Audience
01 2-day workshop (Hands on session) on Arduino, Node MCU & IOT Technology 1/9/18 to 2/9/18 Vorton Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd II B.Tech students (14)
02 EPAM India Pre-placement Talk 24/7/18 EPAM India III,IV B.Tech students
03 Seminar on Expectations From Budding Engineers 3/8/18 Prof. M.L. Sai Kumar B.Tech students
05 Infosys Campus Connect Presentation 16/8/18 CMRCET III B.Tech students
06 Book Exhibition 20/8/18 CMRCET B.Tech students
07 Seminar on Careers in Defence Forces 11/9/18 Dr. V.A.Narayana, CMRCET III,IV B.Tech Students
08 Seminar on Roadmap of Training 12/9/18 Dr.V.A.Narayana,
Dr. K. Vijayakumar CMRCET
III B.Tech students
09 Industrial Visit to NRSC, Hyd 26/9/18 CMRCET & NRSC III B.Tech students
10 Regional student Workshop 27/9/18 to 29/9/18 EPICS, CMRCET EPICS Project Team
11 Display of Gross Root Innovations 3/10/18 EPICS, CMRCET B.Tech students
12 Seminar on USA Education & admission for Campbellsville University 5/10/18 Dr.Keith Spears, Campbellsville university & Dr. Eric Harter, Vesta Tech Solution B.Tech students
13 EDugrad Presentation 26/10/18 CMRCET III B.Tech Students
14 Seminar on Entrepreneurship 4/1/18 TIEGrad & CMRCET II,III B.Tech Students
15 Awareness Program on “ Higher Education in Ireland” 7/1/18 Mr.David Fallon,Ireland B.Tech Students
16 MobileAPP Demonstration 8/1/18 Stumagz II B.Tech Students

Industrial Visit to NRSC