The Department of Humanities and Sciences at CMRCET (Autonomous) is an important department that takes under its wings all the first-year students of Engineering and facilitates their smooth transition to their core departments after inducting them into the Engineering program. During the two semesters that the students spend with the department, the students are mentored and taught by a team of teachers headed by the Head of the Department, closely monitored by the Principal.

The Department consists of highly qualified faculty in basic sciences and humanities such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English. The faculty from Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry possess teaching and research experience in niche areas of science such as Advanced Computing Techniques and Nano Technology to initiate students into branches such as Computer Science, Electrical and Electronics and Mechanical Engineering. Thus, the Department of Humanities and Sciences possess the interdisciplinary knowledge necessary to train the modern Engineering student. The English faculty train the students to improve their English Language Skills as part of CMRCET’s commitment to its students, “Think CMR, Think Placements.”

The Department is in many ways very contemporary with its curriculum as the students are introduced toSocial Innovation, Data Structure and Internet of Things, and Problem-Solving skills in Basic Computer Programming Languages.