Prof. Dr. M. Chandra Shekhar Reddy

Dr. M. Chandra Shekhar Reddy is the Head of the Department of Humanities and Sciences, CMR College of Engineering & Technology. He obtained his Ph.D.in Physics from Osmania University, Hyderabad. His area of research is “Studying the Lasing Characteristics of Rare Earth Doped Glasses”.

He has published 19 papers in various International Journal Papers and attended several International and National Conferences. He is also the author of a text Book of Engineering Physics.
A professor of Physics, Dr. Chandra Shekhar Reddy has 21 years of teaching experience which includes administrative responsibilities. As the Head of the Department of Humanities and Science he mentors the first-year students with the help of the faculty. He is closely involved in monitoring the academic performance of the students both in written examinations and oral tests conducted in laboratories, which is also coordinated by a team of class coordinators. More importantly he leads a team of highly qualified faculty from diverse academic backgrounds and ensures that the students benefit from rich knowledge and skills of the faculty.