Academic Council

The Academic Council is solely responsible for all the academic matters such as: framing academic policies, approval of courses, regulations and syllabi, etc. The Council involves the faculty from all the levels and also experts from outside, including representatives of the university and the government. The decisions taken by the Academic Council will not be subject to any further ratification either by the Academic Council or other statutory bodies of the university.

Composition Of The Academic Council

# Name Designation Role Photo
1 Dr. V. A. Narayana Principal Chairman
2 Dr. L. Pratap Reddy Professor of ECE, JNTUH CEH Nominated Member
3 Dr. N.Yadaiah Professor in EEE, JNTUH CEH Nominated Member
4 Dr. B. Dean Kumar Professor of Civil Engineering, JNTUH CEH Nominated Member
5 Dr. A V S S K S Gupta Professor & Head Mechanical Engineering JNTUH CEH Invited member
6 Dr. K. Ram Mohan Reddy Professor in CE and Director,Academic Audit Cell ,IST,JNTUH Invited member
7 Dr. S V Srikanth CDAC Hyderabad Invited member
8 Dr. K. Ramesh Reddy Professor of EEE & Principal GNITS Hyderabad. Invited member
9 Dr.B. Lokeswara Rao Dean(Academics) Member Secretary
10 Dr.K.Srinivasa Rao Dean (Examinations & Evaluation) Member
11 Dr.K.Suresh HOD(CE) Member
12 Dr.B. Lokeswara Rao HOD(ECE) Member
13 Dr. K. Vijay kumar HOD(CSE) Member
14 Dr. G. Devadas HOD(EEE) Member
15 Dr. P. Ravikumar HOD(ME) Member
16 Dr. A Kotishwar HOD(MBA) Member
17 Dr. M. Chandra Shekar Reddy HOD(H&S) Member
18 Dr.K.L.S.Soujanya HOD(IT) Member
19 Dr.M.Suresh Head(Research & Development) Member