17/09/2019:CIRCULAR: Minimum required no.of credits to eligible for promotion of next year
13/09/2021:CIRCULAR for advance supplementary examination fee
09/09/2021:Circular of Exam branch working time

08/09/2021:Grievances Related to June-July-2021 Examinations
07/09/2021:Grace Marks Eligible Students List – 07-09-2021

11/08/2021:GRIEVANCES CIRCULAR for B.Tech VIII & MBA IV Semester June-July-2021
03/08/2021:circular – Internal Marks Improvement
26/6/2021:Circular regarding question paper pattern and duration dt 25-6-2021
7/6/2021:External Examinations-June-2021 Postponement circular
31/5/2021:Examination branch related student services resumed circular –
26/5/2021:B.Tech and MBA Final year Project viva voce June-2021 circular to students
26/5/2021:Examinations Circular to final year supplementary students
23/5/2021:Examinations Circular to final year students
10/5/2021:Circular-All the student services related to the examination branch are closed up to 22-05-2021 due to Covid-19 pandemic. Hence students are informed not come to the college for any services related to examination branch
22/04/2021:Circular-Mid-I Examination for B.Tech IV-II & MBA II-II Semester
19/4/2021:Grievances Feb-March-2021
Grievances related to Oct-Nov-2020

Grace marks -Eligible students list
Grace Marks -Order
Grace Marks-Undertaking-R14
Grace Marks-Undertaking-R15
Question Paper Pattern Circular

Student Undertaking

Mini Project Circular
Notification- B.Tech I Semester