National Journals

Sl. No Name of the Journals Frequency
Sl. No. Name of the Journals Frequency
1 Indian Journal Foundry Monthly
2 Foundry Bi-Monthly
3 Industrial Safety Chronicle Quarterly
4 Journal on Mechanical Engineering Quarterly
5 Bulletin of Material Science Bi-Monthly
6 The IUP Journal of Mechanical Engineering Quarterly
7 Indian Journal of Engineering & Material Science Bi-Monthly
8 Journal of Automobile Engineering and Applications Triannual
9 Trends in Machine Design Triannual
10 Journal of Mines, Metals & Fuels Monthly
11 Manufacturing Technology Today Monthly
12 Journal of Manufacturing Engineering Quarterly

Foreign Journals

01 Journal of Applied Mechanics Quarterly
02 Journal of Heat Transfer Quarterly
03 Journal Mechanical Design Quarterly
04 Journal of Tribology Quarterly
05 Journal of Solar Energy Engineering Quarterly


Sl. No. Name of the Magazine Frequency
1 Motor India  Monthly
2 Car Monthly
3 Bike Monthly
4 Auto Car Monthly